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Pascal Engineering, Inc. - General Contractors

Provides quality Design Build solutions for all businesses

About Us:

Pascal Engineering is a Design-Build contractor for small to medium size projects. The company is operated by accredited Facility Engineers having experience and expertise in the utilities found in today's manufacturing environment.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the most trusted and sought after design-build engineering company in Northern California.

Company Values:

>Accountability - We believe that our dependable service and consistent goals require individual and team accountability. Pascal Engineering, Inc. ensures a clear explanation and communication of objectives and expected results between customer and ourselves facilitates day-to-day decision-making by individuals and teams and will contribute to successfully achieving results, quality and timeliness.

>Commitment - At Pascal Engineering, Inc. we are dedicated to providing our clients with premium solutions in a timely manner; we do whatever it takes to get the job done!

>Integrity - Pascal Engineering adheres to superior industry principles and maintains a high standard of business ethics.

>Quality - We strive to achieve high quality in all of our business endeavors. Our process and procedures are designed to high standards of quality and are expected to meet rigorous audit and compliance tests. We provide our customers with services of the highest quality.

>Respect - We respect each client's visions for their company's goals.

>Trust - Our Company builds trust based on a good rapport with our clients. We trust their judgment as they trust our ability.

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