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A few notable projects we have provided solutions for, over the past few years:

Applied Materials, Inc.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Studied existing scrubber for better pH control.


Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided agricultural, HVAC, process piping and electrical drawings for submittal to city of Sunnyvale, for a large scale tenant improvement project.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.General contractor for Tenant Improvements. Constructed one clean room and two manufacturing areas.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed class 1000 clean room. Approximately 700 square feet.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Installed wet sink in the fab. Provided construction of exhaust, process piping, and electrical systems.


Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided and installed skid mounted 5 gpm RO/ DI system, completed with PLC control panel, motor starters, etc.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided weekly maintenance for the RO/DI system
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided automatic sanitization system for medical devices.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Automated existing Ultrasound parts cleaner. Provided DI water booster pump.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Chemically cleaned and sanitized DI water piping loop.

Pyramid Semiconductor

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed and Built approximately 600 square feet of class 1,000 clean room.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.General contractor for warehouse conversion to manufacturing space.

Silicon Turnkey Solutions

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed and Built approximately 650 square feet of class 1,000 clean room.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.General contractor for Tenant Improvements. Provided all Architectural, HVAC, piping, and electrical drawings for city of Fremont submittal. Provided construction for the entire project.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Installation and startup of 50 HP rotary screw air compressor and dual dessicant dryer.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.General contractor for the construction of office space.

University of California Berkeley

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided HVAC and process piping drawings for flagship Chemistry Lab.

United Technologies Corporation

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed and constructed a vacuum system to remove VOC from diesel contaminated ground.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided electrical drawings of the 500-HP fire water pump to the county of Santa Clara.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed and installed chilled water system
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Installed 3 wells for ground water exraction complete with underground double contained piping, electrical and control panels.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Installed 4 steam heaters for heating approximately 5,000 square feet of industrial manufacturing space.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided electrical design for above ground gasoline and diesel tanks.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Installed pumps to provide breathing air to personnel during industrial operations.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Provided design and construction for the collection of contaminated ground water.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed HVAC for metrology lab which requires very tight temperature control.
Pascal Engineering,Inc.Designed and fabricated speciallized Hydraulic-controlled industrial system. Installed several control valves, and control panel to throttle the flow.

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