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Tenant Improvements:

If you have a Tenant Improvement type project where you would like to modify existing manufacturing area or modify floor plan in a newly leased building, then we can help you in the following areas

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Programming: We will work with your facilities personnel, we will generate equipment lay out and develop a utility matrix.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Evaluation of existing utilities: We will check to see if existing utilities needs to be upgraded in either quality or capacity.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.We will generate cost estimates for your project.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Pascal will retain an Architect to generate necessary drawings for the city.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Pascal will generate drawings for Piping, HVAC, and Electrical systems.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.The drawings will show all utilities complete with model numbers and footprints.

Pascal Engineering,Inc.Pascal will retain a structural engineer, if needed.

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